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      Sheila, Brady & Friend

The medical profession has for many years widely acknowledged that
petting and stroking pets can have a calming effect,
lower blood pressure and relieve tension.


 Katie & Kisses    Dottie & Lulu    Laurie & Precious    Ron & Teddy     Maureen & Angie   

Evelyn, Lou and Daisy     Jeannette & Whisper   Sharon & Pari   Sue & Teddy   Vicki & Gizmo  

Janelle & Amber & Mo    Kathy and Dakota    Jane and Lily     Kay and Tony    Doris & Cutter     

       Mattie & Simon    Pat & Charlie      Wayne, Frances & Moses      Joan and Crickett     Terry and Bouncer       

     Stephanie & Emma     Pat and Charlene    Sue & Chocolatte     Andree & Charlie    Heidrum & Truly  






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