How To Get Started In Pet Therapy

        Meet the Tester/Observers in Brevard County!

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  1. Contact a tester/observer approved by Therapy Dogs Inc. email: hulmem915@hotmail.com


  2. At the first visit you must provide proof of an annual physical examination of the dog by a veterinarian, including a stool check for parasites (result; must say negative). Provide proof that the dog is current on all vaccinations, including rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella, or as advised by the veterinarian.
    Titers are acceptable.

  3. Dogs must be kept on a 4 ft leash or a 2 ft traffic leash for larger dogs.
    Retractable(Flexi), chain or 6 ft obedience leashes are not allowed. No pinch, prong, spiked, electronic collars or harnesses are allowed. Only slip or buckle collars (chain, nylon, or leather) or the use of a head halter are accepted by Therapy Dogs Inc.

  4. The dog must pass a temperament test and you must make three observation visits with the tester/observer. Before you begin the testing, you must sign a release of liability form. 

    **All prospective members should be familiar with the Therapy Dogs Inc Guidelines and Helpful Hints, the member release form, and the temperament test. These documents can be viewed at http://www.therapydogs.com/Become_A_Member.aspx


  5. When you have successfully completed the observation visits, you may apply for national registry with Therapy Dogs Inc. As a registered team, you will have liability insurance in the amount of 3 million dollars.

  6. Therapy dog vests may be purchased from the following sites. The vest is plain and the patches are purchased separately. Any color vest and therapy dog patch is acceptable. The folks at raspberryfield will sew the patches on the vest for you. It is not appropriate for the dog to wear the vest until it is registered unless you use the patch "in training" on the vest.



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