Therapy Dogs - Retired


To describe the epitome of a therapy dog team, one dog and one handler come to mind,†† Snickers and her handler, Trudy Howard.This therapy dog team has devoted countless hours to an ever evolving, important, and fast growing element of patient care, the therapy dog.†††


Snickers who will be 14 years old is retiring due to health reasons.She has been a therapy dog for 12 years.Snickers was one of the first dogs to be certified to visit Holmes Regional Hospital.Snickersí visits not only included the hospital, but also many nursing homes and special programs such as Bright Star, developed for grieving children; Putting the Pieces Back Together, developed for children with a relative who has been diagnosed with cancer and the Melbourne Head Start Program.Snickersí sweet disposition and friendliness made her a favorite amongboth the children and the elderly.


Snickers has brought more smiles to the faces of her visitors than any treatment a doctor could ever prescribe.She gave unconditional love to patients when they needed it most.There is no doubt that Snickerís love healed many people.


What a special gift Snickers and Trudy have been to Therapy Dogs.We will miss them at our visits.


(Snickers was adopted from the South Brevard Humane Society in Melbourne, Florida)

Written by Brigitte Van Tassel